Daily Archives February 10, 2018

Florida House ‘sweeps’ $182M from affordable housing fund that Senate fully funds

New apartments in downtown West Palm Beach, Florida,

The Florida House and Senate on Thursday each adopted $87 billion proposed fiscal year 2019 budgets that are within $100 million of each other’s bottom lines, but present significant differences in funding priorities.

The House adopted its $87.2 proposed spending plan in an 85-27 vote while the Senate passed its proposed $87.3 billion budget in a 37-1 tally. The two chambers are expected to begin conference sessions to forge a common budget, although the joint meetings have not been formally scheduled as yet.

Among differences to be reconciled is the House’s $8 million allocation and Senate’s $100 million commitment to the state’s Florida Forever conversation land-acquisition program, and the House’s plan to divert $182 million from affo...

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