The History Of Tampa FL

When many people think about Tampa FL, the first thing that comes into their mind are some of the fantastic options in the city for visitors and those who live there. Perhaps it is the zoo or maybe Bush Gardens, and those can be wonderful places to visit. When you begin looking under the surface, however, you see that there is much more to learn about the area, including the history of the city.

The area of Tampa got its start early, long before any European settlers came into the area. It was known at Tanpa by the Native American tribes who lived in the area, a word which meant “Sticks of Fire.” It was after the settlers and explorers began coming through the area that it was renamed to Tampa. That was back in the early 1500s, and up until that time it was a fishing village used by native tribes. In 1539, however, the area of Tampa Bay became popular because explorers became interested in the possibility of gold. They didn’t find any and the area was abandoned by the explorers for two centuries.

By the time the late 1700s came around, Tampa had started to gain some more attention. The local river was named Hillsborough in 1772 and then in 1821, the United States made a monumental purchase of the state of Florida from Spain. Traders were drawn to the area of Tampa when Fort Brooke was built just a few years later and the town began to be settled in the mid-180s.

When a man by the name of Henry B. Plant came in to see the city, the railroad was extended to meet up with the town. There was also a steamship line that was established in the late 1800s. It took people and supplies from the area of Tampa down to Key West and even on to Havana, Cuba. It was also Mr. Plant who spent $3 million to build the Tampa Bay Hotel.

Throughout history, the city and surrounding area certainly did go through some changes. At one point, it was even well known for it’s cigars, and the area became known as the Cigar Capital of the world. It seems that the more you explore the history of Tampa Fl, the more there is to learn. It is something that can help you to appreciate the area even more than you do now.